Good news for the environment in Glen Eden

Our recently-completed upgrades to Glen Eden’s wastewater infrastructure signify good things for the community and the environment. These upgrades, completed at the end of 2017, involved the construction of a massive 20-metre-wide, 13-metre-deep storage tank and associated wastewater pipelines.

This new infrastructure – in operation since early 2018 – will cater for the significant growth expected in Glen Eden over the next 30 years. This also provides additional capacity to hold wastewater flows during wet weather and will significantly reduce overflows into the surrounding waterways.

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Construction of the storage tank was carried out using an innovation known as the caisson method, which involved placing 18-metrediameter, prefabricated concrete rings into the ground until the required depth of the tank was reached. This meant a reduction in noise, vibration and general disruption during the works as well as a safer worksite for our people. 


  • Protected and enhanced natural environment
  • High-performing infrastructure