Delivering what matters

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Reporting on what’s important

Reporting on what’s important to our stakeholders and our business is the basis for this integrated annual report.

Natural environment

Our community is supported by the supply of clean, safe drinking water, but we must keep looking forward, says chief operations officer Shane Morgan.

People and culture

Large-scale organisational changes are important for transformation, says chief people officer Jason Glennon.

Community and stakeholder relationships

Customer and stakeholder relationships are our priority, say chief corporate affairs officer David Hawkins and chief customer officer Amanda Singleton.

Assets and infrastructure

Striving for greater value is the way to build for the future, says chief infrastructure officer Steve Webster.

Intellectual capital

Robust decision-making, a focus on process excellence and enhancing our commitment to continuous improvement all underpin the transformed Watercare, says chief digital officer Rebecca Chenery.

Financial capital and resources

Doing more with what we have delivers best value for our customers, says chief financial officer Marlon Bridge.

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Case studies

These case studies provide examples of what we are focusing on to ensure that the material issues drive our business strategies, investment decisions and deliver value for our stakeholders.