Looking ahead, planning ahead

As Auckland’s public water utility, we have a clear oversight of the water needs of this city as it grows. We were planning for the water infrastructure we have now 10 years ago. Our strategies to envisage and invest in water systems that will scale appropriately to meet Auckland’s expanding needs are recognised globally.

It is important to us that the infrastructure required to ensure quality water for the city is understood, planned for and in the pipeline. Our strategies are pragmatic and reliable, and we take pride in the high quality of water and wastewater services we provide to enable Auckland’s liveability and economy.

Two unknowns remain.

Climate changes won’t be linear. Managing those impacts in ways that retain customers’ confidence and keep our economy moving will challenge Watercare, just as it will challenge all of us. It will take energy and imagination to transform our responses, and the pressure to do so will be unrelenting for decades to come.

The proposed water reforms could also change the landscape in which we operate. Those are decisions outside our control. What we do know is that our scale, systems and processes can only contribute positively to whatever lies ahead.

Reconciling the future we have planned for and the future that will unfold is a challenge we will meet with confidence. We back ourselves to be resilient and to serve our city well. But we also understand that Watercare itself must, and will, transform. We are preparing for that. Just like water itself, we will move, flow and adapt to thrive

Our value creation model 

As Auckland’s water and wastewater services provider, our operations are intrinsically linked to the environment, community and the region’s economy. Our value creation model presents the relationship between the resources we use in our operations and activities, and the outcomes or “value” we create in those areas.


Chair and chief executive's report

The wellbeing of our customers and communities depends on us looking after our water sources. Because when the water is healthy, the land and the people are nourished.


Snapshot of 2020/2021

Delivering our strategy

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Natural environment

Recovery and resilience have characterised the past year for Watercare.

PC 283x283
People and culture

While Watercare manages assets worth more than $12 billion, our people are our biggest assets.

CS 283x283
Customer and stakeholder relationships

The past year has required us to make big decisions to address big challenges.

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Assets and infrastructure

As Auckland’s water utility, we face three main challenges – population growth, ageing infrastructure and climate change.

IC 283x283
Intellectual capital

Tackling challenges like climate change, population growth and ageing infrastructure requires collaboration and new thinking.

FCR 283x283jpg
Financial capital and resources

We are at a critical time for Auckland’s development as the region grapples with population growth, infrastructure development and ongoing environmental concerns.